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19-Feb-2015 10:02

“We can make it harder for predators to do their work,” Carroll said.Meanwhile, police from throughout the state will keep working to combat predators on the Internet.Crowded conditions and rising prison costs are among reasons “to avoid the expedient trap of thinking that anyone who commits a crime deserves to go to jail,” said Rep.

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“Offenders can sit at home and talk to eight to 10 kids at a time until they find the one who is most vulnerable and try to take advantage.” Romine works with the Internet Crimes Against Children task force, a federally funded statewide group formed in 1998 and administered by his department.

“I think there is still that perception that, since you are not dealing with a real victim, that might influence sentencing in the cases,” said Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey, Harris’ boss.

Colorado has almost 20,000 inmates behind bars around the state, at a per-inmate cost of about ,500 a year.

It was really Harris, who said he was able to snare Wood after just a few minutes.

Cases increasing Law-enforcement agencies trumpet arrests, and the media is typically quick to report the cases, including one last month in which Cortelyou, a radio business reporter, was arrested after an alleged Internet chat with an undercover officer. The bigger the splash these cases make in the media, the more attention they bring to a problem that more than likely has not crested, experts say.

In September, they were sentenced to intensive supervised probation – Parsons seven years and Sample three years.

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