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07-Feb-2015 15:30

“There’s still a reasonable expectation of privacy if you’re crashing on someone’s couch,” said Ohm.

Did you know that the webcam like this, there are hundreds available on the site?But when others share your space, the legal issues get murkier.“I would be shocked to learn that there’s a bright line where you can spy on anyone you want in your own home,” says Paul Ohm, a privacy scholar at the University of Colorado-Boulder Law School.“If the camera isn’t visible and visitors are not warned, there’s potential criminal and civil liability.” It’s not just a problem for guests; the cams can also invade their owners’ privacy.

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What’s captured by an in-home camera’s all-seeing eye could be simply blush-inducing, as when a Dropcam e-mailed Metafilter founder Matt Haughey a nude photo of himself.

The anti-eavesdropping law poses a problem for anyone with a Dropcam or audio monitoring system in their home if they are taping guests or nannies without giving them a heads-up.

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