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22-Dec-2016 16:45

This was the first album released as the Jonas Brothers from Hollywood Records.The song describes their journey of getting dropped by Columbia Records and then picked up by Hollywood Records."I'm waiting for you right outside, The place we first locked eyes.Not that much time has passed, and you’d kind of figure a lot of girls (famous and regular types like you and me) would still love Joe Jonas, right? (Don’t tell me the you from three years ago isn’t squealing with joy.) Joe Jonas has gone from selling out stadiums, plastering his mug and those fierce brows on magazine covers, and making girls shriek, cry, and faint at the sight of him to . ) Remember, this is the guy who, along with his brothers (one of whom, Kevin, is getting his . We still think if he wanted to get a date that badly, Joe Jonas wouldn’t have that much difficulty–even if he’s not topping the charts anymore, he’s still young, good looking, and loaded…

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), coupled with charm and good looks (remember that hair?

You know just how to have a good time, all the time. He could be considered the main songwriter of the trio..always made sure his vision was seen through.