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21-Jan-2015 10:30

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Maybe it’s when you’re in the middle of a wonderful dream about Leonardo Di Caprio and everyone starts talking in the group chat.

Or maybe it’s when two members of the group chat start having a conversation they could be having PRIVATELY instead.

Being involved in a group chat (a group message, group text, whatever you want to call it) is complicated. Sometimes it’s great to be able to text all of your friends at once, sharing inside jokes, sending silly pictures, or discussing something a little bit more important and serious. We’ve all had those days or moments when we realize being in a group chat is actually the WORST.

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"Geez I wonder what (Name) and Steve are doing" His eyes were squeezed shut as he rounded the couch."Hey Clint what's up? The spy's eyes shot open to see both of you sitting next to each other on the floor. " He asked innocent yet cautiously."I ran a 6 miles with Sneaking (Thor X Reader)You tip-toed quietly over the wooden floor, your sneaky tactics caused you not to make a sound. Only a few more feet, and your mission would be complete. He could probably crush his enemies just by giving them a hug.

I get inspired then realize I would ruin the idea if I turned it into a fanfic so I have a bunch of ideas kinda being sad and unused... Wait for it You have the best words- //shot This is funny! -TSWell now she's ripping Cap a new one -TSI'll be there in 20 -NRHurry, she's eating Thor's poptarts -TS#~#~#~#~#WHY MUST YOU HURT ME SO? Steve watched her sadly as she stomped down the steps and into the gym."Lemme guess, Tony is being an ass again? But it's not any our business." The soldier stated.

I love the reactions of everyone at the start, when they didn't understand the inside joke. I love how I pushed everyone away except Nat, and the boys got all butthurt. " Clint asked and jumped over the couch, flopping down into the cushion next to Steve. Blowing off the captain's comment, Clint got comfy.

So I’ll stop now, and I’ll hand it over to clever Tumblr users.

Here are 30 times Tumblr perfectly described the struggles of being in a group chat: 1.

-(Y/I)#_#_#_#_#_#_#_#_#I'm going to murder the person who invented smack cam. Hallway through, Tony poked you a bit to hard, you had finally had enough.

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