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Admittedly, that could be in large part because I woke up this morning and walked over to my coffee pot and was like “Oh hey cool! ICE COFFEE IT IS” but as I am most inured to the effects of eating and drinking things in various states of rot, I must be turn back to the article as the source for my gastrointestinal distress.

It’s interesting in theory to compile a list of online dating for plus-sized dames like myself on the prowl for unfamiliar genitals and faces to acquaint ourselves with.

The fourth-magnitude HD 66141, which has evolved into an orange giant towards the end of its life cycle, was discovered to have a planet in 2012.

There are two faint deep sky objects within the constellation's borders. BA evolved as well, becoming the twin deities Lulal and Latarak, who are on the opposite side of the sky from Papsukal, the True Shepherd of Heaven in Babylonian mythology. LUGAL, which translates to "the star which stands behind it", in the MUL. This name may have also referred to the constellation Lepus.

In the second century, it was included as an asterism, or pattern, of two stars in Ptolemy's 48 constellations, and it is counted among the 88 modern constellations.

Its name is Latin for "lesser dog", in contrast to Canis Major, the "greater dog"; both figures are commonly represented as following the constellation of Orion the hunter.

One of them, called Merzem, includes the stars of Canis Minor and Canis Major and is the herald of two weeks of hot weather.

Alternative names have been proposed: Johann Bayer in the early 17th century termed the constellation Fovea "The Pit", and Morus "Sycamine Tree".

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There have been some doozies, and the more I chat with plus-size folks, the more I realize we all share many of the doozies.

fat person and, yes, we might have some problems.) And it also isn’t a sexless death sentence filled with Netflix (no chill), seven cats and carpal tunnel.

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