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My old homies and roommates, Mikaela, Julia & Johanna. At Bill Gates ”Get Schooled” event at Paramount Pictures. And everyone by now knows Miley Cyrus started as Disney’s Hannah Montana (long before her spiritual potscapades with The Flaming Lips).But there are other ways musicians in the past 10 years have broken out from TV in a serious way that’s oftentimes forgotten about. Credit Alexandra Patsavas with what she did with known for breaking artists in the early aughts.Their breakout single “Moneygrabber” was first used in a New Amsterdam Vodka commercial.

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With Mickey Rourke at a movie premiere after party. George gets kid patient in scrubs to take him to see a surgery so he won't be afraid to have his own surgery; they walk in on "face off" patient and kid wants to stay & watch but George won't let him.closing monologue begins, Andre weeps over Derek's dead clinical trial patient, Erica kisses Callie in elevator, Derek asks Rose if it can just be easy & fun instead of complicated; they leave 2gether Rafael returns to his suite to find a 'safe zone' created by Jane, she then tells him that he can trust her and that she loves him and tells her that he loves her and that he's trying to change.