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30-Jul-2015 21:46

Like Ms Bantleman, Ms Iskandar has no doubt about her husband's innocence.She alleges he was beaten into confessing."He had to admit sodomising a kid — he didn't even know which kid," she said."[He told police:] 'Who is he sir? I don't know.'"I said 'would you dare to swear to our unborn baby, that you didn't do what was accused of you?And if you find that there are in fact depictions of animal lovemaking on your children’s clothes, please contact your local police station immediately.A mother holds her baby to get vaccinated at a Kayu Merah public clinic in Gorontalo on March 8.

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So we join with the police in appealing to parents and the general public – the next time you go shopping for kids clothes, please check closely to make sure that the cute animals decorating it are not engaged in coitus.Eagle eyed readers will quickly notice that the photo bears the mark of 9GAG, one of the internet’s central hubs for viral memes and photoshopped funnies.But if the Indonesian police deem it authentic than that is good enough for us.Judges from the South Jakarta District Court who brought down the initial guilty verdict against the two teachers in part relied on evidence from Indonesian sexologist Dr Naek Tobing.

The doctor was used by the prosecution to assess whether Mr Bantleman's sex life caused him to become a paedophile.But it has now emerged that part of the evidence against Bantleman hinged on how many times a week he had sex with his wife — with the court saying he was "abnormal" because it was only once a week.