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I was like, Oh shit, none of these people are really related to me at all! “I put the wig on and people laughed.” As a teenager, he’d go on his family’s computer to watch Chris Crocker, the pre-Vine performance artist who rose to prominence after his teary-eyed “Leave Britney Alone! Branden was a fan, but also convinced he could do better. “I remember my mom saying to me, ‘God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!

“My goal was to upload a video on my dial-up computer and be funnier than Chris Crocker,” he says. ’ Shit like that.” After finding out the truth about his birth parents and his race, Branden started playing around in drag.

She uploaded campy pop songs to Sound Cloud and appeared in vulgar You Tube videos, sometimes professing her undying love to Chris Brown.“I read my adoption papers when I found out,” he says. That’s really awkward.” Once, he asked his mom why she hadn’t told him the truth. Branden says he was always interested in entertaining, and good at determining what worked.