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18-Feb-2016 14:21

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Interestingly there is a socio-economic hierarchy of expression, as we refer to a manual worker who has relocated to a foreign country as an immigrant, whereas middle-class professionals employed in another country are called expatriates.

Until recently, it was easy for male expats to find dates in Mumbai.

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Quips the media maven, "We call him the gap-year expert.” "I was on my way out,” an attractive female ex-diplomat tells me when I ask her how she met and married her Gujarati businessman husband. And then kept in touch on the phone, Skype, e-mail ...Reform has brought with it many benefits, but none as fascinating as the wave of expatriate women who have come to Mumbai’s shores looking for employment, excitement and ... “At least two marriages have floundered because of the presence of recently re-located European women whose enthusiasm for all things Indian also includes its men,” says a media maven whose humor and martinis are equally dry.“Mergers and acquisitions are taking place in all kinds of places,” he guffaws.It was the occasion of one of Mumbai’s much-loved social institutions, Sunday brunch.

Hosted by a popular South Mumbai couple at their high-ceilinged, art deco Cuffe Parade apartment, it drew the city’s juiciest slice: bankers, industrialists, businessmen in their Sunday standard-issue gear (floral-patterned shirts, chinos, espadrilles, cigars) accompanied by their wives in summer dresses, their weekend cheer heightened by the Sangria in their hand and the clip-on flower in their hair.

“It was like battle lines had been drawn up.” How easy is it for expats to date locals in Mumbai? In common usage, an expatriate is what we call a person who resides in a country other than where he or she is a citizen.

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