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Reading this information one day, Dale Petterson, an energy therapist who works in my office suite, came up with a brilliant idea. "Energy psychology utilizes the principle energy follows intention. If you feel better for a while, maybe a few days, and then the depression slips in again, repeat the procedure.2. The technique rests on an assumption that that I explain in my book : Depression is a disorder of power that's triggered by a dominant-submissive interaction with a person of importance to you and/or over an issue of importance to you.

It also uses the principle that intentions can be magnified by applying additional energy. That is, depression is a by-product of a win-lose conflict resolution process in which you have been the loser.

Research has shown that psychotherapy and mediation both can be effective depression treatments.

The main difference is that psychotherapy gives longer-lasting results, probably because you will be learning as well as healing.

Specifically: Setting up teen-centered units in hospitals,...

To help you to feel better when you've been feeling distressed, Dr.

(If you're doing the exercise yourself, read the question aloud, then close your eyes and repeat for each subsequent question.)You can watch a video of this technique, which is called the 3 P's visualization, here.3. A lot has been written about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a tapping depression treatment that's like acupuncture minus the needles.

There's now been substantial research that corroborates its effectiveness.

British rocker Roger Daltrey could have chosen any cause for his dollars and energy.

But the founder and lead singer of the Who, alongside band-mate Pete Townshend, is championing the emotional well-being of teens diagnosed with cancer.Medication for depression can cause you to fall into a deeper and darker whole when you try to stop taking the pills.

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