Excel 2016 consolidating cells

24-Nov-2015 07:32

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Maybe you’ve had success with shared workbooks, and I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

For me, the limitations far outweigh the benefits, and there’s usually another way to accommodate multiple users.

To deal with this, Excel gives you the option to organize your data in groups.

These allowing you to easily show and hide different sections of your worksheet.

When you book a course with use you get the following: The first session of this course reviews the concept of creating and using names for cells which is covered in our Intermediate Excel Course.

In doing so it also quickly reviews formulas and selections.

They are extremely versatile and make it very easy to extract information from large tables of data without the use of formulas.

They are also very quick to use as by moving, or pivoting, fields of data from one location to another using drag and drop functionality they allow you to look at the same data in a number of different ways.

The key topics covered include: Excel contains a number of features that allow you to very quickly summarise large amounts of data.Occasionally a client asks me to create a shared workbook in Excel, so two or more employees can work in it at the same time.It sounds good in theory, but I always try to come up with a different solution.The key topics covered include: Lookup functions are another very powerful tool to master when working with large amounts of data.

They allow individual items in a list to be found and then the corresponding value from another column or row in the same data table.The key topics covered include: This section of the course introduces logical functions. It focuses on the use of IF functions and how they can be combined to produce Nested IF functions and also combined with AND, NOT or OR in more complicated situations.