Dns is not updating from dhcp server Lovefreecam

13-Oct-2015 11:02

The PTR is really annoying but not critical but the fact that we often end up with duplicates or incorrect A records is much more problematic.

The way we solve this is by manually deleting the offending records and issue "ipconfig /registerdns" on the client.

You now know how to properly configure DDNS to dynamically update your DNS records and how dynamic updates will save you from maintaining static mappings.

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To perform this function, open the DNS console, right-click on your forward lookup zone, and select Properties (Figure D).Now we can spice things up a little more by introducing WINS and WINS-R into the mix.For the uninitiated, WINS resolves computer names to IP addresses (similar to DNS), and WINS-R provides reverse DNS lookups.It does look like teh forward zone and the reverse one have different permissions but I'm not sure how significant it is.

Is there any documentation about what these zone ACLs should looks like ?I've seen similar issues in our environment (de-centralized management), and it's always permissions on the DNS records.