Dating persistence

02-Aug-2015 22:17

No reasonable person wants to be that creeper who came across as stalkerish, and no reasonable person wants to feel like they were strung along or played games with.But what if you just said screw that; I really like them and I'm going for it?

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Often times, I think people are quick to give up on a prospective mate.Well the thing is, nobody likes to be harrassed, and on the other side, no reasonable person with any self esteem wants to keep going after somebody to the point it makes you look like a sucker.It does seem that women do like to be chased/ wooed more because they are able to pick mates on things other than looks as opposed to men.It also makes dating harder for men, if women are passive all the time. I think it's more of an ego protectionist mentality than anything. What I've been doing thus far hasn't paid off in the least bit. I've walked away from several potentials mates that may have worked out if I wasn't so quick to cut the strings for the sake of my ego/pride.

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Sorry to say, you're thinking like a tween-age girl, OP. However, what if I made myself more vulnerable and allowed myself to get a hurt a little bit (by waiting). Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

The best way to describe my mentality is that she should be really into me pretty quickly for me to put forward any more effort in pursuing her. That said, I wonder how many potential relationships I have walked away from in my life if I had only put in more effort to show my interest in that person. But what if you just said screw that; I really like them and I'm going for it?