Dating for pot heads

28-Dec-2015 14:45

It's not that they're troublemakers, though, they just have free spirits (and a lot of gear from Free People), which is why you might think she dresses like The Dude from “The Big Lebowski.”Nevertheless – in my opinion – these women are always ideal to settle down, and stay up, with.

In this fashion – as long as your weed is right, and your shorty is right – you know you will be, too. Here are nine reasons why stoner chicks make the best girlfriends.

Trust me, there's nothing sexier than watching a chick finesse a joint, or the fronto, with just a pair of elegant, manicured, hands – or split a Dutch with one, red painted, fingernail.

I guess it's a visual thing, but it never gets old – at least not for me.

I'm now 26, and I'm still not sure I know a better way. ” was my Plan B, and that doesn't yield any higher quality boys (we won't get into Plan C, “Wanna go drink 40s outside somewhere? But I have since retired it, because of the exceptionally high yield of stoner boyfriends it has produced.Girls who smoke weed rarely sweat the small things, like gossip or drama, because they understand there's no time for that; there's no point in that.