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28-Sep-2015 01:56

I know it’s a free dating site, but certainly the company can afford to contract an experienced survey methodologist! but the part of me that hates dating strangers is taking one massive sigh of relief.

Read more of this post That blog title will explain itself in a few paragraphs. Sidebar: this is a post written entirely on my phone, excuse the format/grammar/spelling.

This guy brings far more drama to the table than any reasonable woman could handle.

Passive aggressive “jokes” about me seeing other people aside, he was way too into me, way too soon…

I have to admit upfront that e Harmony is far better than any of the free dating sites I’ve tried over the years. If you take a good hour of your time to answer the questionnaire they require you fill out, honestly (based on who you really are, as opposed to how you’d like to be perceived by others) I did find that I was being matched with people who at the very least, want the same things from a relationship as I do, and have similar interests. I recently accepted the dare of a couple married coworkers over lunch, and joined E-Harmony.

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For starters, he’s a few years my junior, and has two young children- if we would have met online I probably would have swiped left, based on these two characteristics alone. Which brings me to Jane’s lessons learned #1- Many of the things you think are important will not actually matter, when you meet the right person.After much internal dialogue and deliberations with colleagues and friends, I said yes. We’re madly in love, and I’m quite confident in saying that I’ve met my person. I always assumed that was bullshit, but I get it now.Allow me to bestow upon you a few things I’ve picked up along the way- these are more or less things I’ve learned about myself, but there could be truth in it for others.If you are male, reasonably attractive, over 25, at least somewhat normal, and live in Ottawa… Read more of this post I’ve officially deleted my last online dating account. After that, I entered my user name and password, stated that my reason for leaving was that I met someone on POF, entered the user name of the person I met on the site so that POF staff can determine “personalities that are best suited for each other,” (I’m convinced that the real reason for this is to amuse the site’s staff, if the other person is still meeting people with their account).

After that, I hit the big red “delete” button, and completed the most ridiculous exit survey I’ve ever seen.A huge part of a successful birthday outing (for single Jane) was meeting a boy at the bar, for a birthday make-out, if nothing else. Jane here- still in a happy and healthy relationship without any interesting stories for my blog readers.