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20-Oct-2015 03:49

Seems like this idea could be, well, suitable for other heat-drenched places such as the southern United States.

After all, it’s actually pretty ridiculous to bundle up for work, then use valuable energy to keep the buildings we work in comfortably frigid.

But their brain scans showed something different: reports, “the sexual sweat, but not the normal sweat, activated the right orbitofrontal cortex and the right fusiform cortex, brain areas that help us recognize emotions and perceive things, respectively.” So there you have it.

And if you still don’t trust your nose for chemicals?

It has said it will also soon spend bn (£3.6bn) on new power plants, operated by private companies.

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Then the men were asked to collect their sweat while they watched educational documentaries, so the female sniffers could compare.

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