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I was feeling so messed up inside I just had to call and talk to someone. Looking back would only serve to potentially screw up the bright future you’ve after you overcome the breakup. That happened a lot, and never resulted in anything good, only major laughs and embarrassment. Do you see the message I’m trying to give you here? I got some really awesome outside perspectives on breakups. Just accept that they brought some goodness to your life for a while. “I feel pretty fuckin’ pissed at so-and-so, but I know they’re not a BAD PERSON.Losing your partner can cause you to lose part of your identity. It will remind you why you’re so awesome, and keep your perspective wider.During one of my breakups I was having a really hard time. One night I was laying on my bed and it was worse than ever.The certified personal trainer was seen on the latest episode of RHOA going on a date with Kenya and some fans agreed that he might be a good fit for Ms. Moore is reportedly still dating Jordan who recently made her his Woman Crush Wednesday and joked about hopefully one day being able to meet her.

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And when a fan made a comment about Kenya “not wanting a man”… I called a friend and they invited me to go see the movie “Superbad”. The next two hours were spent laughing instead of crying, which made me feel a lot better.

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