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11-Apr-2015 09:35

If I let it go it boots to windows and if i press a button it goes to a blank screen. I have downloaded and re downloaded the drivers, tried every port, and it just wont play audio.

The cause may be hardware devices taking more than their share of interrupt time.

The reason for such spikes needs to be tracked down to avoid possible audio interruptions (especially if you're using small audio buffer sizes).

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In just three weeks the survey attracted over 100 posts and 4000 views, and there's already a lot to take in. DPC Latency Checker takes one measurement each second, providing a readout of current latency (which, on most PCs, is a relatively constant figure) plus the absolute maximum value recorded since you first launched the utility, which may occasionally spike to a considerably higher value on some systems, because of one specific hardware device.To get the ball rolling, I posted some baseline figures from my own well-behaved Intel Conroe E6600 2.4GHz dual-core PC running Windows XP with Service Pack 2, which typically measured 50 microseconds, with an occasional peak of up to 100 microseconds on my Internet-enabled partition.

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